A Program Proposal Integrating Bibliotherapy and Art Therapy Techniques to Address the Effects of Bullying Behavior

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Gross, Stacy
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Bullying behavior has been a part of children’s school experiences for generations. However, the prevalence and severity in the past decade has led to the American Medical Association labeling bullying a public health concern (Graham, 2010). A systematic literature review was undertaken in order to generate a proposal program that integrates bibliotherapy and art therapy for school-aged children to combat bullying behavior. Resources were acquired via searches of resource databases utilizing the following search terms (including derivations and combinations): art therapy, bibliotherapy, bullying, children, children’s literature, and emotional communication. The information gathered and synthesized from the review led to the development of a proposal program that can be integrated into a number of different settings. Bibliotherapy and art therapy have addressed bullying behavior separately successfully; a proposal program utilizing the therapeutic benefits of the two techniques has the potential to empower children in bullying situations.