The Earth Circle Exhibit: "Art as Pedagogy"

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Inabinet, James
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
The Earth Circle Exhibit is a traveling art exhibit consisting of twelve pieces of art, each mounted on a two meter standing frame; the frames connect together to form a circle of art. Each piece of art in the exhibit has been developed under the influence of an overarching theme in earth literacy. This theme and the artist’s statement about the theme appear on the standing frame below the artist’s work. The exhibit will be crated and brought to participating high schools for viewing accompanied by a lecture on earth literacy topics. Visitors to the exhibit will be led to view each piece of art in succession where the themes may be discerned within the piece of art and read below it. Hopefully this will lead participants to develop novel ways of considering and thinking about human ecology as well as provide a renewed awareness of ecological issues. The earth circle exhibit is designed to utilize art as a pedagogical medium, a medium designed to attain affective domainbased learning outcomes in addition to the traditional cognitive-based pedagogical outcomes that will be provided by the lecture. The desired outcome of the exhibit and lecture is to produce lingering images and ideas that may spur additional, higher level thinking and subsequent classroom discussions about human ecology.