Cast Drawing and the Reduction of Cognitive Distortion: Using a Classical Realism Teaching Method as a Psychoeducational Art Therapy Intervention

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Elizabeth, Jennifer
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This art therapy research study uses the cast drawing method, a 19th century drawing technique that was used to teach classical figure drawing and painting, as a psychoeducational art therapy intervention to reduce cognitive distortion. The use of metaphorical processing is incorporated into the cast drawing sessions to ensure the therapeutic content of this method is achieved. Cognitive distortions are intrusive and disruptive thought processes in which past and often traumatic memories cause inappropriate emotional reactions that often result in negative consequences in a person’s life. Results showed that using the cast drawing method reduces cognitive distortion by teaching individuals how to see what is “really there”, not what is “perceived”, to be there. They are then able to transfer this ability, to accurately perceive life circumstances so that intrapersonal and interpersonal health can be obtained.