A Proposal for a Music Therapist/Pastoral Care Facilitator in Hospice

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Burghard, Louis
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
This project proposes the combination of two professional roles into one position in the hospice field. The proposed position would be a music therapist/pastoral care position. In today’s health care environment, hospice companies must seek to reduce expenses without cutting needed services for their patients. One way this could be achieved is to combine positions when feasible. This project explores the combination of music therapy and pastoral care as part of a holistic treatment for a person in the last stages of life. A thorough review of current academic literature was conducted in the areas of music therapy, pastoral care, spirituality, end of life issues, and the hospice establishment. The project demonstrates the many similar hospice goals addressed by the two professions and how the attainment of these goals could be achieved by one qualified professional with a cost savings to the hospice employer. A job description and a job proposal were created for the consideration of potential hospice employers. The proposal has been evaluated by a hospice administrator in the southeastern United States.