An Empirical Pilot Study on the Environment and Personality Imagery Card Sort (EPICS)

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Anderson, Karen Elizabeth
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
“What do I want to do?” can plague an individual once he or she has completed his or her secondary education and beyond (Bolles, 2009). There is an abundance of tests and literatures to help decide on a career path, however, there are limited assessments that use imagery as an aid. This pilot study will compare the accuracy in predicting the best-fit career or occupation for an individual using the Missouri Occupational Card Sort (MOCS) (Krieshok, Hansen, Johnson & Wong, 2002) and the Environment and Personality Imagery Card Sort (EPICS), developed by the researcher. Both of these card sorts use the proven Holland themes of personality and environment (Holland, 1987). The results of this study reinforces concrete perception made from images can be more accurate in exploring and discovering environments that are congruent with an individual’s personality and points toward the EPICS being a viable tool for counseling.