Restoring Landscapes for Sustainability: Prairie Restoration

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Haider, Gloria
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
My desire to help restore sustainable landscapes along with a fascination with the designs, patterns, and beauty in nature led me to become involved with ecological restoration projects. My project involved planning and working on two different prairie restorations begun by my religious community, the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota. In one project I learned about the process of prairie restoration and helped plan a 5-acre prairie restoration at Clare’s Well, a spirituality farm in Annandale, Minnesota. 1 planned the project with the three Sisters in my Franciscan religious community who live and work at Clare’s Well. Prairie Restorations, Inc. (PRI), a 25-year-old prairie restoration company of good and reputable service, was chosen by the Sisters to do the main work of prepping the site and planting. In the other prairie restoration project at the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota Motherhouse, I will be more involved with the work than at Clare’s Well. Our gardener at the Motherhouse, Sister Ruth Lentner, has wanted to plant a prairie garden for a couple of years but has not had the time to do so. Sister Ruth and I will work together to plan the project and do the work.