“Rock the Boat”: Analyzing Assertiveness as Women of Color in Leadership

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Mathews, Jennifer
Graduate Certificate in Women's Leadership
While African American women leaders in the pharmaceutical industry represent a small percentage of industry leadership, they are impactful as contributors to the business. Research has shown that for pharmaceutical companies when diversity is a top leadership priority where employees feel comfortable creating, transforming, and being themselves at work, that women are four times more likely to rise to senior management positions. For Black women it is not just a pipeline issue. Once in the door, they need to feel supported and that it is okay to be assertive without feeling alone or that trouble is being caused. This is a journey of the awareness of an African American woman in leadership in the pharmaceutical industry after receiving the Gallup CliftonStrengths. This woman discovers that she needs to challenge herself to set boundaries for her peers to align with responsibilities and that it is acceptable to advocate for oneself and be assertive without feeling guilty when faced with challenges from Senior Leadership.