Using Innovation to Create Sustainability within Public Safety: A Strategic Plan

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Arnett, Kevin
Master of Leadership Development
This study examines the best practices and lessons learned from cities that have consolidated their police and fire departments. The case studies analyzed were conducted by Michigan State University's School of Criminal Justice. Michigan State University is the leading research agency in the world in regards to police and fire consolidation. The case studies indicate that although many cities' fire and police departments operate separately, some cities are merging their police and fire departments for many reasons, such as cost effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. The purpose of this study is to determine if the consolidation of police and fire departments is financially and fundamentally beneficial for the City of Sullivan, Indiana. A strategic five year plan that details the implementation of police and fire department consolidation and overcoming barriers of change for the City of Sullivan has been created based upon the research analyzed. Keywords: implementation, sustainability, consolidation, cost effectiveness, efficiency