A Year of the Green Picnic

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Paweski, Susan
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
My proposal for the final project for the Earth Literacy Master's degree is to organize and facilitate a neighborhood event, a “Green Picnic,” for August 21, 2010. The rationale for the neighborhood celebration is twofold: 1. Residents of Troy and Albany Streets in Chicago will be invited so that neighbors have the opportunity to meet each other. 2. The theme of the event is sustainability awareness in our homes and in the neighborhood. The Green Picnic will offer an opportunity for the neighbors to meet one another socially just steps from their homes. The picnic will take place in Ronan Park adjacent to Troy and Albany streets. The residents of these two blocks will be invited to bring their picnic baskets and join in on games, participate in a guided tour of the Nature Trail and visit the booths of local businesses and environmental support agencies from the city. The work for the event took almost a year in planning.