Saint Malachy Parish Ministry for Early Sacramental Marriages

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Knueven, Joseph
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
My Pastoral concern is “how does one minister appropriately to those couples who are newly married and to those who are beginning their family”? From discussion and personal experience, as young babies require much time and focus, many couples perceive worldly activities a priority; they place spiritual growth and religious responsibilities toward God in the background. Many turn to God in times of crisis, or turn to God when it is “now time for the next sacrament, what do we have to do”? I have addressed the concept of creating an atmosphere where newly married couples participating in sacramental preparation of their baby or child, gather together in small faithsharing groups, discussing where and how God is involved in their marriages. There are numerous times of tension as two individuals merge their lives in marriage, and I have attempted to gather information on how Saint Malachy Parish can assist the spiritual growth of these marriages. Margaret Kornfeld writes of “Caring for the Modern Family in a Time of Change”, in her book Cultivating Wholeness. She discusses the nuclear family and the importance of maintaining it as a priority.