The Presence of Post-Traumatic Growth in Women with Perinatal Loss: A Qualitative Study

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Weimer, Rebecca
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
The following is a qualitative study investigating the presence of post-traumatic growth in women who have experienced perinatal loss. This study was guided by the question: How can art-based interventions reveal aspects of post-traumatic growth in women who have experienced perinatal loss? I was driven by curiosity on how post-traumatic growth could show up in the artwork of women who have endured perinatal loss. Current literature offers much insight into the longstanding psychological struggles that perinatal loss can cause; however, there is little attention given to the possibility of post-traumatic growth, with very little research specifically on the evidence of post-traumatic growth in artwork. This study was conducted with women volunteers who believed they fit the working definition of post-traumatic growth and were at least two years post their perinatal loss. Over 2 weeks, participants were given 2 different art directives that coincided with aspects of post-traumatic growth, which were gleaned from a review of literature. Data was gathered, coded, and analyzed, and conclusions were drawn.