The Building of An Adult Catechetical Team

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Clem, Victoria
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
As the National Catechetical Directory continues to address adult religious education, guidelines are given for how this catechesis is to be accomplished. The very first item calls to attention the fact that "Adults should play a central role in their education. They should identify their needs, plan ways to meet then, and take part in the evaluation of programs and activities." (#185) That is the function of an adult catechetical team. Members of the parish come together to learn the components of education, to assess the needs by consulting with a wider group of parishioners and then to act on those expressed needs. The parish which | serve as Director of Religious Education has no such team. It is my desire to bring into being an adult catechetical team to meet the needs of the parishioners as they strive to live out their Christian lives in a world that often seems to be less than Christian.