The Glass Ceiling in Accounting Firms

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Davison, Robin Shay
Master of Leadership Development
The focus of this project isn’t on any one particular accounting firm but on the accounting profession as a whole to see how many women are actually partners in the firms. Several of the studies that have been done have revealed that the percentage of women as partners in accounting firms is extremely low. The percentages of women partners in the accounting firms have been in the teens for several years and are still currently only in the teens. These figures were startlingly low in the United States so | wondered if women internationally were also facing these same problems. The international countries that | will be examining to see if they are facing the same problems are Australia and New Zealand. This paper will discuss for each country the history of women in accounting, laws against sexual discrimination, process of becoming a partner at an accounting firm, and the reasons women aren’t becoming partners in accounting firms. After discussing the reasons women aren’t becoming partners in accounting firms there will be suggestions to increase the number of women in partners.