Teens in Religious Education Plan Proposal

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Doll, Sylvia
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
My pastoral concern is two-fold. 1. As a DRE, one of my responsibilities is to provide educated, energetic, spirit-filled teachers for our ‘Religious Education Program. This year I needed a teacher for the first grade. 2. I provide the preparation for our teens to be confirmed. I stress the call to service and their commitment to provide service as fully initiated Catholic Christians. This call actually flows from the Eucharist which is the fulfillment of the initiation in the Church. Two of my energetic, ambitious teens, who are excellent with children, came to me asking permission to teach little children. They had been confirmed the year before. There is no diocesan program geared toward preparing teens to teach. I was 16 years old when I took the first Catechetical training program. I began teaching at 17 and have taught ever since (30 years). I believe we must offer our young people a means of being active in the Church in the field of Religious Education.