Taking the Time to Make a Difference / Tomarse el Tiempo para Hacer la Differencia: A Dual-Language Introduction to the Christian Family Movement

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Parkison, Missy
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
This pastoral project proceeded through several stages of theological reflection involving the directors of CFM and friends of CFM working in Hispanic ministry: a planning stage reflection; implementation stage reflection; evaluation stage reflection; and a concluding personal reflection. The process of theological reflection used in CFM and in development of my project is the Observe-Judge-Act method of social analysis. This method as developed within the Christian Family Movement begins with observing a situation, gathering the facts from personal experience and research. Based on these observations, the next step is judging the situation in light of faith, comparing how things are with how things should be, in accord with Gospel values. This comparison requires objective observation of the situation, as well as a sincere effort to determine the teaching of Jesus Christ. Finally, if it is determined that things are not as they should be, then ways to bring about change — actions — will emerge.