Charge into the Second Century: A unique fundraising and marketing plan for the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands

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Vorhees, Hayley
Master of Leadership Development
The University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands is a largely successful campus band program that provides students with personal, professional, and academic development. To participate in the band, many students provide their own instruments to perform. The band will not be able to grow and offer a better experience to the students without being able to provide them with school-owned instruments and financial support. Most college and university band programs are housed and receive funding from the university's music school or their athletic department, so they have the resources to provide quality and uniform instruments to the music groups. The Bearcat Bands does not receive funding from the music school as it operates as a separate entity from UC's College Conservatory of Music (CCM), primarily because marching band is not part of the curriculum for music education students. Therefore, having a unique and specific fundraising plan is imperative to the success of the band program.