Impact of Cross-Training on the Future of the Art Therapy Profession: A Survey of Art Therapists

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Palmieri, Tiffany
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
As the profession of art therapy has evolved, multi-credentialed professionals and crosstraining has become the norm. While the professional benefits offered to individuals by dual-track graduate programs seem obvious, the impact such programs are having on the profession is unclear. Similarly, there seems to be no clear consensus on where the field of art therapy is heading. Will art therapy continue to pursue independent recognition, or seek alignment with a larger and more dominant profession instead? This study sought to answer these questions via an online survey of art therapists. Results revealed favorable attitudes towards dual-track programs. Respondents cited a need for recognition in the form of licensure, and had mixed beliefs about the future of the independence of the profession. Differences of opinion in the new generation of art therapists were evident. Awareness of such attitudes can help aid in the future planning of the profession of art therapy.