Feasibility study for the addition of a Sports Leadership focus area to the Master of Leadership Development program

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Kuka, Elizabeth
Master of Leadership Development
This report aims to determine the feasibility of adding a Sports Leadership track to the existing Master of Leadership Studies program at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC). Examining the sports industry provides an overview of what the viability of a sports track should be, based on the number, types and projected growth rate of jobs in the industry. The institutions in the Midwest that offer a Masters in sports management and sports administration must be analyzed in order to offer a program that is competitive yet differentiated. The trends and influences in higher education must also be considered to be sure the market is penetrable and the need for Master's programs of this type is present. The implementation of a Sports Leadership track must be examined from internal and external lenses, through a SWOT analysis and examination of microenvironmental trends that may affect the program. Further, the feasibility from an organizational standpoint requires the schedule, location, and staffing issues to be identified. Because the program is a distance program, the importance of technical capabilities cannot be understated. Last, a brief financial analysis will give a better understanding of the magnitude of the proposed program and the reality of its implementation. After addressing the opposing arguments, the structure of the Sports Leadership focus area is presented and the necessary requirements are detailed. An outline of steps leading to the launching of the program is provided, as well as a means to assess the program in the short and long-term.