Using Art Therapy to Promote Resiliency in Women of Color with Race-Based Traumatic Stress

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Thammachack, Allyson
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This art-based research was a heuristic study on how art therapy affected resiliency for a woman of color (WOC) with race-based traumatic stress (RBTS). This topic was explored by developing two art therapy directives. For directive one, the researcher created an inside/outside mask to address her identity of being a woman of color. For directive two, the researcher created a reconstruction art project to address race-based traumatic stress. To measure resiliency, the researcher completed both a pre- and post-survey of the Resilience Research Centre Adult Resilience Measure (RRC-ARM) (Resilience Research Centre, 2016). The overarching themes found included improving resiliency, understanding duality of outer self and inner self, and a heightened awareness of the effects of race-based traumatic stress.