Field Guide for Chef Instructors

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Bane, Jeff
Master of Leadership Development
The intent of this project is to help bridge the gap between the excellent professional chefs in the work force and the excellent chef instructors that our school needs to build that workforce. We have a great curriculum and blueprint to build from. We have proven that in our first 3 years, but we need to continue to strive and upgrade the quality of product we provide. Chefs often relate experiences to the kitchens they manage and it can be difficult for us to understand why people don’t feel the same way we do about working in a kitchen. With a building full of Executive Chefs | need to tread lightly and not make anyone feel inferior or embarrassed. Egos and pride are still a factor in our lives. The students have power in these kitchens/classrooms and figuring out that balance is not easy for an industry like ours. | am looking to use The American Culinary Federation and much of their work in my project. | am a Certified Culinary Educator as well as a Certified Executive Chef and the work towards those certifications has really opened my eyes about this business. | feel the ACF is an organization that we should align ourselves with and mandate certifications from in our instructors. This guide is intended to shorten the learning curve for Professional Chefs entering the education industry. Specifically it is a field manual for chefs to be a successful instructor at our school. Imagine the potential for thousands of culinarians to someday be out in the work force and cite you as an influence in their careers. All of our instructors should to strive to be that example to our students. This field guide should be motivation to learn the techniques of teaching at the highest level. The same way that we have learned the techniques of cooking.