The Design and Implementation of Four Retreats: Two Models for Normally Functioning Adults Two Models for Developmentally Disabled Adults

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Brooks, Judith
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The project begins with a reflection on prayer. It includes descriptions and examples of a variety of prayer styles and methods as well as suggestions for enhancing prayer with symbols, movement, music and reading. The descriptions and suggestions are the resources from which four model retreats are designed. Each model is created for a specific group of participants: an individual adult, several adults, developmentally disabled adults and a combination of developmentally disabled and able adults. The goals of the retreats are to help the retreatants become mindful of God's presence and discover how they best can be in communion with God. The retreats have been designed to provide opportunities for participants to hear God and to speak to God through a variety of prayer forms or exercises. The project's resources are extensive enough and the exercises varied enough to address the needs of people across several stages of faith and human development. A description of each retreat design is included followed by a summary of its implementation by the leader. The appendices contain the four retreat models and an outline of the stages of faith and human development. These will continue to serve as foundations from which to lead others in prayer.