The Use of Supportive Music and Imagery with Couples for the purpose of Improving Communication

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Christmas, Pam
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
The purpose of this study was to determine if supportive music and imagery was effective in improving communication among couples. The procedure included a screening test (Relationship Assessment Scale created by Susan Hendrick, 1988) in order to help verify that the couple had a healthy relationship. A score between 25 and 30 was needed to qualify for this study. The couple who participated in this study achieved a score of 30. A pretest and a posttest called The Primary Communication Inventory (PCI) created by H.J. Locke, F. Sabaght, and Mary M. Thomes (1967) was used to measure the effectiveness of the musical intervention. This instrument was designed to assess marital communication and claimed to be a good indicator of the soundness of communication between a couple. The results indicated a decrease in communication effectiveness of four points among the husbands pretest and posttest. The wife’s score remained the same.