The Cancer Connection: Formation of a Cancer Support Group

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Jensen, Mary Joan
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Although there is no guarantee — as evidenced by numerous wars — that people living together will do so in harmony or in a sense of community, or that people who live alone are necessarily lonely or without any sense of community; there is a certainty, as Henri Nouwen insists, that the principal characteristic of community is a “deep sense of being gathered by God.” It was with this sense of being gathered by God that a team came together in an attempt to provide people diagnosed with cancer a place to share their experiences, seek and find medical information physicians may have neglected to provide them, laugh unguardedly at themselves, and ultimately become empowered by the process of sharing. Undoubtedly, the burgeoning cancer support group is a work in progress. Assuredly, for those who aspire to such lofty goals there has already been confirmation that indeed there is strength in sharing.