Hallie Hound Barkery Business Plan

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Miller, Stephanie
Master of Leadership Development
Stephanie Miller, sole proprietor of Hallie Hound Barkery, has a background in marketing, including a bachelor’s degree from Indiana State University in Radio/TV /Film and seven years of experience in the cable ad sales industry. Given this, she recognizes the vital importance of leveraging an effective and efficient business plan to the overall success of the company. With limited start-up funds, the initial vision for Hallie Hound Barkery’s online presence was necessarily tempered to a cost-effective model more in line with the company’s size. In the years since, as success has generated revenue, revenue has been reinvested into the website and other company needs allowing success to build future Success. Also, limited resources have not allowed the company to fully embrace presented opportunities. Prices were set in 2008 and were consistent until 2012 when rising supply costs necessitated an increase in prices. Distribution is one of the company’s biggest obstacles. With ever increasing interest and expanding market opportunities, keeping up with demand has become a challenge. This challenge has thus far prevented Hallie Hound Barkery from expanding into certain business opportunities. Miller has thus recognized the need for concrete goals backed by proper research, with measurable implementation strategies and clear timetables. The result of this thinking is set out in this plan. Enclosed is a detail-oriented, three-year business plan with a strategic focus. After careful examination of the company’s goals and current status, it was determined that there were several opportunities open to Hallie Hound Barkery that could improve its business.