Memory Book: A Journey of Healing through Scrapbooking

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Williams, Tina
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Grief and loss are universal human experiences. For some, the pain of grief and loss can be experienced more intensely. When people have issues processing grief in a normal manner, complicated and unresolved grief issues may develop. Individuals who experience complicated and unresolved issues of grief and loss can develop serious mental health issues. This study examined how scrapbooking can be used to help individuals who were experiencing grief and loss in their lives using a cognitive-behavioral and narrative approach. This six-week study used scrapbooking to preserve memories and life events. The study utilized a pretest design, a discussion questionnaire, as well as reflections from the participants. Results indicated that scrapbooking was meaningful and cathartic for participants. This study contributes to the field of art therapy through an exploration of how scrapbooking can benefit individuals experiencing grief and loss.