Yeltrah Nonprofit Training and Consulting Business Plan

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Hartley, Lorrie
Master of Leadership Development
YNTC is a startup limited liability corporation (LLC) with one principal owner and investor. YNTC's mission is to assist not-for-profit boards with the responsibilities of governance, strategic planning, and fundraising. YNTC is funded by the principal owner through investments and savings. The principal owner brings over 17 years of executive level not-for-profit sector experience and is a BoardSource Certified Board Consultant. YNTC provides consulting services to grassroots, small and mid-size not-for-profits in the areas of governance, Myers-Briggs communication and team building, strategic planning and fundraising. YNTC will utilize social media marketing strategies, BoardSource networking opportunities and referrals to build a reputable client base. YNTC offers not-for-profits competitive pricing, expert services, leading practices in board governance and flexible training options. YNTC is projected to be profitable in the first year of operation. The YNTC business plan is well-developed, realistic and ready for implementation.