Grief Hospitality Program

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Miller, Kelsey
Master of Leadership Development
Trauma centers and intensive care units at healthcare systems across the country provide care topatients who have been involved in traumatic, life-threatening accidents. These patients have access to the best care and resources healthcare systems have to offer. On the other hand, families of these patients, some of whom are actively dying because of the traumatic event that occurred, are not receiving any type of care or resources to help them throughout the patients'hospital stay or grief support after the patient has died. The experience that family members have with their dying loved one at the end of life will be remembered long after their loved one dies. The Grief Hospitality Program, which can be implemented at any healthcare system, would provide services to families of actively dying patients who suffered a traumatic accident. Services provided could include private family rooms, food and beverages, hotel accommodation support, parking validation, grieving and bereavement resources, supplies from a comfort cart, and post-hospitalization follow-up. Similar programs are provided at healthcare systems across the United States and have found to be utilized and appreciated by the grieving family members resulting in a more positive healthcare experience, considering the situation.