A Journey with a Rural Parish and Its Mission Parish: The Beginnings of Spiritual and Liturgical Renewal Through Created Discipleship

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Geeding, Ginger
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Nearly a year and a half ago, in June 2003, I decided that whatever my pastoral project was to be, I wanted it to be located in a rural parish where I knew its pastor and its people only casually or not at all. Thus my process for identifying a pastoral concern came first by establishing a parish where the project might take place. In my initial contact, I looked for a pastor who seemed to be willing to take on collegiality, who was open, and who from all outside appearances could use some assistance. I chose to work with Fr. Daniel Petsche, O.S.B. who is the pastor of both St. Peter Catholic Church in Stanberry, MO, and its mission church, St. Patrick Catholic Church in Ford City, MO. I was determined to be as open as possible to his needs. I decided to let the pastor of these parishes share his concerns by my simply being with him and listening and then praying for clear guidance from the Holy Spirit.