Red Mango Franchise Business Plan

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Master of Leadership Development
“Terre Haute, Indiana is a rich and vibrant community conveniently located at the original ‘Crossroads of America’ (” Like many cities across the country, many businesses have been established for many years or even decades, but there are some businesses that were unable to have a long lasting life. How can a person predict if a business that they may want to establish will have a chance to serve Terre Haute for several years? A business that is new to the market, innovative, and can assimilate with changing times has a chance to live a long life. The following business plan details a business that has a fresh concept, innovative ideas, and would be new to the market of Terre Haute. This plan begins with a brief introduction of my current situation which leads to a possible opportunity to bring a franchise called Red Mango to downtown Terre Haute. The mission statement and background information about Red Mango follows to give insight as to what this company is all about. Red Mango’s business accomplishments follow to solidify how strong of an impact that this franchise is making everywhere they develop. A detailed marketing plan will be followed by a financial analysis will detail estimates of how much of an initial investment it will take to start the franchise, a forecast of sales revenue, possible profit and loss statement, capital spending plan, and cash flow statement. This business plan ends with thoughts about future trends, risks facing the business, a personnel plan, the personality of the business, a staffing schedule, a description of jobs, and specific business goals. A conclusion is also made. An interview with a Red Mango franchise developer follows with a list of references used to end the plan.