A Biography of a Place An Examination of the History and Land of Wells County near the Wabash River

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Allen, Bruce
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
This work presents an overview of the way that the land of Bluffton and Wells County, Indiana, has been utilized by humans, and a glimpse into the future of this land. The area was first colonized by Native Americans many centuries ago, followed by European and American settlers within only the past few centuries. It is a study of the region’s rich farm history and culture using various resources including historical data, books, periodicals, statistical data, and web sites, as well as first-hand accounts from a variety of residents, some of whose families have lived in the area for generations. Some of the questions discussed are the following. How did the land originally come into existence? How have natural forces shaped the land over the eons, and what legacy have they left for the flora and fauna, including humans? How has use of the land changed over time? What moral and ethical considerations have shaped the way that various peoples have lived on the land, and how may these issues have changed over time? What possible solutions exist that may help create a future that is more just and sustainable for all life?