Tackle Hunger: Leading a Leader Towards Meaningful Community Service

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Snelling, Donna
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
My design is to hold a food drive for Human Services, Inc. to be held during a home football game. | plan on meeting and talking to the head coach of the football team and the Athletic Director beforehand to finalize everything and to make sure it has full approval. Coach (as | will refer to the head football coach here forward) would be in charge of the boys of the football team and be responsible for the “lesson” behind the food collection. | would be responsible for the flyer, boxes, collection, delivery, and any newspaper announcements. The Athletic Director would distribute the flyer to students at the high school and within the high school as well making announcements at the high school and putting it on their website for the community to see. Thus in turn, the appropriate response would be to collect as much food as possible to donate from the community and the football team to Human Services, Inc. in the hopes that the food collected would serve a few families.