The Neighborwood Series: Earth Literacy for Kids

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Manning, April
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
The themes presented in the Earth Literacy program are concepts that need to be taught at the beginning of one’s education, not at the end. This is the vision behind Earth Literacy for Kids. The Neighborwood series will consist of sets of books that will illustrate the various Earth Literacy Masters program themes, such as the importance of diversity, recycling, and sense of place. The animals that reside in the forest of the Neighborwood are the characters that will be learning the themes along with the reader. The guide through the journey will be the Neighborwood land ambassador, a girl whom they call Lamb. The first book will be part of a pen pal series that shows the importance of niches and diversity in communities. This book will have a country mouse and a city mouse as pen pals learning how they are similar and how they differ. The rest of the pen pal series will include land turtle and sea turtle pen pals, and mockingbird - African Gray parrot pen pals.