Placing a Parent in a Skilled Nursing Facility

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Boyles, Dawn
Master of Leadership Development
Placing your parent in a skilled nursing facility is a difficult decision. It may be a decision that is made by your parent, a doctor, Adult Protective Services, by your siblings or even by you. Placing a parent is likely to cause some feeling of inadequacy. This document will investigate the inadequacy that may become concerns as you cope with the placement of your parent in a facility. Furthermore, the investigation of this topic will allow the nursing facility staff an opportunity to understand what an adult child is experiencing. As a result of this knowledge the staff will be able to understand complaints, concerns and will be able to respond positively to assist the adult child with an understanding of the medical care that their parent is receiving. In effort to understand the adult child perspective several aspects of skilled nursing and the aging process need to be understood. Insight to the aging process, dementia, nursing homes in general, nursing home staff and financial concerns will be addressed.