The Essential Role of Emotional Intelligence: Communication and the Art of Strategies for Female Leaders

dc.contributor.authorShema, Kathryn
dc.description.abstractThis culminating project examines, explores, and demonstrates how women can utilize their strengths for efficient solutions by using emotional intelligence, communication and strategies through setting strong boundaries that lead to assertiveness and self advocacy. It is a journey through self discovery to learn how to best use the innate gifts and further develop skills we all have as female leaders. There are strategies that enhance the experience and efficiency for females in leadership positions. It is about females using their strengths to lead others through communication, integrated negotiations, advocacy, and soft skills that require the essential role of emotional intelligence. The goal is for female leaders to lean into their unique characteristics, personalities, gifts, skills and talents to leverage them for the most optimized leadership experience. Being able to produce efficient solutions by using the art of strategies will give female leaders a great advantage in leadership positions and opportunities with themselves and those that they lead. Possessing a great deal of self awareness, assertiveness through setting strong boundaries and using integrated negotiations set female leaders up for success. The objective is highlighting the advantages women have in leadership and why knowing one’s self is the greatest asset. Being able to possess a high level of emotional intelligence is essential to be an efficient leader in today’s ever changing, globalized world.en_US
dc.subjectEmotional intelligenceen_US
dc.subjectLeadership in womenen_US
dc.subjectSelf-consciousness (Awareness)en_US
dc.subjectAssertiveness in womenen_US
dc.titleThe Essential Role of Emotional Intelligence: Communication and the Art of Strategies for Female Leadersen_US
dc.type.degreenameGraduate Certificate in Women's Leadershipen_US
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