Earthkin Kome Home: A Child's Journey in Earth Literacy

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Raynor, Helen
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
EARTHKIN KOME HOME: 4 Child’s Journey in Earth Literacy consists of five themes, which reflect the courses and objectives of the Earth Literacy Program. In educational experiences, rituals and activities, children of Hispanic background from the City of Newburgh, New York are introduced to the awesome New Story of the Universe to foster an appreciation and an understanding of the Sacred Space from which we have come, the Sacred Place in which we dwell, and the Sacred Community of Beings through whom, in whom and with whom we share our lives. The themes are designed to help them to become aware of our unity, interdependence and interconnectedness with the entire Community of Beings and, therefore, to embrace our responsibility to care for Earth with compassion, passion and justice. A resource guide for teachers is included. Resources include those for Earth Literacy and for multicultural classroom use.