Women In Leadership: The Power Behind The Purse

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Davis, Pamela
Master of Leadership Development
Gloria Steinem asks the question “But, are you working for a woman?” (Bennetts, 2012). The question demands answers given the statistics. In the United States, 85.9% of all executive positions are held by men. The underrepresentation of women in senior management has been called a global experiential problem (Silva, Ahmad, Omar & Rasdi 2012). This is an alarming statistic considering that approximately 48% of the workforce is comprised of women. “Stereotype beliefs that men are intellectually and emotionally superior and therefore are set for promotions because they are more assertive and possess attributes for success hinder women from breaking the glass ceiling.” (Padman, 2010). The research and written analysis will reveal information as to why this may be happening and explore the characteristics and skills of women in leadership. The variables will be displayed along with the type of research conducted. A proposed solution to the problem will also be presented. Literature was obtained from academic databases such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest. The literature will be broken down into five different categories: statistics, characteristics of women leaders, challenges, basics of leadership, and the future. The literature will be reviewed, analyzed and a conclusion presented by the author.