Rediscovering our Intimacy: A Parish-Based Process of Theological Reflection for Married Couples

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Rydock, Berna
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Marriage is a sacrament, a sign of God’s presence...of the unity between Christ and His Church and, for my own little take on things, between Christ and His Father. But no matter what a person’s faith belief or nonbelief is, marriage in any culture is a sacred calling, a vocation. Marriage is truly awesome. Not something to take lightly...not something to break up when the going gets a little or a lot tough. Marriage is a devotion to this person to whom I have vowed my life. This person is the one besides God to whom I am completely, vulnerably, nakedly accountable. Since I have this strong belief in the sacredness of marriage, I am concerned about the innumerable amount of couples who don’t seem to recognize that or don’t want to believe it or don’t want to care about it or even think about it. I am also concerned about the children of these couples and what is being passed on to them about marriage by their disillusioned, disheartened and sometimes bitter parents. It is a multi-faceted pastoral concern and a huge one since most people that we encounter in our parish families are married. We don’t need statistics to tell us what we can personally see and hear and know that is going on around us every day. There is cause for much concern here. In the following pages, I will present to you a project focused on marriage and how theological reflection can be used to help couples to re-discover the beauty, the sacredness of their relationship.