Using Superheroes as Response Art to Explore Client Strengths: A Heuristic Study

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St. Clair, Kourtney
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This study explored the use of response art through creating superheroes to increase awareness of client strengths. The researcher conducted a heuristic art-based study that investigated personal knowledge, strengths, and mindfulness-based effects of response art. The study evaluated the therapeutic benefits of personal response art for the purpose of understanding clients’ strengths based on the intake and information learned about clients from a group therapy process. This study increased the researcher’s awareness of clients’ strengths through the use of response art, journaling, and reflection. The response art allowed the art therapist to have a firsthand experience that increased insight and understanding of the clients with whom she worked at her internship. This study demonstrated the importance of response art for the researcher’s personal practice of art therapy. It supported the need for continued art therapy education and on-going professional development.