VSaRT Project: A Grant to Reduce Vicarious Traumatization

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Fischer, Christine
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
As a graduate student who is well educated and experienced in art therapy interventions with various populations and ages, I am an excellent candidate for conducting art therapy workshops within various community settings. Graduate work, medical supervisory experiences, and authoritative community involvement have been rewarded in the past with increasing responsibility and respect. The purpose of this project is to address the needs of caregivers who experience vicarious stress related trauma as a result of working with persons who experience traumatic events by reducing stress levels and enhancing enjoyment through the use of art therapy interventions. The scope of this project would be based on a pilot study with trauma counselors at a Midwest Crisis Center who received art therapy interventions for the reduction of vicarious stress related traumatization and extending the same art therapy interventions to other caregivers in other locations within the community. The pilot project was completed using in kind services and supplies. To conduct six additional projects during the year 2006 the estimated cost would be $8000.