Apples to Oranges: The Development of the Pomeroy Metric to Quantify the Value of MVP-Level Season Performances Between Positions in the NBA from 2010-2022

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Foster, Timothy A.
Master of Leadership Development
Athletic departments in small colleges and universities that seek to identify, recruit, support, and maintain high-level student-athlete talent are faced with unique and significant challenges. The ability to compete with large institutions is often not feasible and forces smaller programs to find as much value as possible in the greater athletics landscape. Sports analytics are a useful tool to understand data and statistics through new metrics. While many current metrics are designed to understand a player’s value individually as well as part of their team, there are limited metrics that can be used by coaches and their staff to identify high-value players. This thesis explores key metrics at the forefront today including Wins Above Replacement (WAR), Elo Ratings, and KenPom Ratings and reviews relevant literature from the industry. The product of this research is the development of an analysis tool, The Pomeroy Metric, that evaluates players in a position-based context which allows coaches and their staff an opportunity to find value in a new and unique way. This tool is articulated using modern National Basketball Association (NBA) statistics of top-five Most Valuable Player (MVP) vote getters of the past thirteen seasons. Keywords: analytics, metrics, WAR, NBA, college basketball, MVP