Developing a Resource Center for the Religion Department of Mater Dei High School, Breese, Illinois

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Kuhn, Evelyn
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
My proposal for the pastoral project is to establish a Resource Center for the Religion Department at Mater Dei High School. At present, the Religion Department does not have an organized or designated area in which a teacher or student can go to find additional resources for the respective courses taught by the department. Each classroom has a bookcase of theology books but there does not exist a guide to know what books are available or where to find the books that would supplement the individual courses. In addition, the available resources such as audiovisuals, periodicals, and pedagogical methodologies are not in a centralized area, nor is there a list of existing materials. Currently the teacher relies on his or her own resources, knowledge, and expertise on what to do with his or own course topic.