Greening a Restaurant

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Trantham, Cary
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
When deciding what my final project should be, I looked back at the environmental issues addressed in most of my papers in the ELM program. The two things that I found to be most important to me were non-biodegradable plastics and trash. We are a society of consumers and consumerism generates a lot of garbage. I have always enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of our magnificent planet and seeing it fouled with cans, plastic containers, etc. has been appalling. Therefore, it seemed natural that I should address these issues. Then I looked at what I could do that might make a difference. I am a Certified Public Accountant and have worked with a few restaurants in the past. I began to think about all of the non-biodegradable trash and recyclables which are generated in the restaurant business. One of my clients has been Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill and Brewery. I decided to approach Fred Tillman, the owner, to see if he would be willing to work with me in the process of “greening” his restaurant. After discussing my proposal with his wife, he agreed and we began the project. I live in the Florida Keys which is a very fragile eco-system. Protecting and preserving our natural resources is of major importance not only in maintaining our quality of life but also supporting our tourist industry. Little did I know when I started my project how difficult my journey was going to be and how our location created environmental obstacles not generally addressed.