Team Green Youth Wrestling: Expanding Program Services to Reach Youth Within the Wabash Valley

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Rohrbach, Melissa
Master of Leadership Development
Team Green provides youth, pre-k through the eighth-grade, ages four through eighteen, an opportunity to experience a wrestling program to develop increased wrestling interest, program participation and self-confidence while receiving guidance and mentorship to build personal leadership skills to be a successful community leader. As Team Green expands through program services incorporating two new services, Middle of the Mat and Wrestling Bride Leadership, the foundation will be reinforced with objectives to achieve being a youth program using wrestling as a vehicle to teach youth how to strive for success in all aspects of life, develop their character, self-confidence, discipline, work ethic, and mental toughness to be a successful leader with strong leadership skills. Team Green’s Middle of the Mat membership will be open to the Wabash Valley area youth encompassing four school districts: Clay Community Schools, South Vermillion Community School Corporation, North Central Parke Community School Corporation, and Vigo County School Corporation. This inclusive youth wrestling program opportunity will expand Team Green’s target audience, create new competitive athletes for local high schools, and provide a cohesive expansion of Team Green’s already successful program. Through attributes of determination, skill, passion, and discipline, Team Green’s Middle of the Mat will incorporate role model behaviors through guidance and mentorship of character, leadership, and partnership to provide a cutting-edge program for each youth program participant.