Reinventing Resource Sharing at Rooney Library

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Tryon, Rusty
Resource sharing, or interlibrary loan (ILL), is an essential library service, a fact that has been reinforced by the ongoing pandemic. As user demands and expectations, as well as library collections, continue to evolve, libraries must adapt to supply needed research materials effectively and efficiently. This session will cover the methods and tools leveraged by Rooney Library to reinvent its interlibrary loan service during the height of the global pandemic, resulting in a stronger, more successful program. The transformation of interlibrary loan at Rooney Library has resulted in invitations to participate in exclusive lending programs and to share about its successes on a national level. Libraries using OCLC interlibrary loan systems (WorldShare ILL and Tipasa) will learn practical methods and techniques for streamlining workflows and processes to realize increased effectiveness and efficiency. Topics addressed include holdings accuracy and various smart fulfillment strategies, including constant data, custom holdings, automated request manager, real-time availability, and more. The material is reinforced with live system demonstrations and walkthroughs. Participants will not only be inspired by the successes experienced by Rooney Library, but also they will gain actionable knowledge related to existing tools and systems that can be employed to reinvent their own interlibrary loan service to become a thriving component of their library’s services. Note: Presentation at the 2022 Association of Christian Librarians Annual Conference, June 13-15, 2022.