The effects of creating feminist zines on the cultural identity development of adolescent girls: From Riot grrrl to Rookie

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Huse, Kara-Leigh
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Over the last twenty years, feminist culture has used zines as a way to express their perspective creatively and construct a community. However, there is very little research about the possible healing function of the use of zines in a therapeutic context. This literary review was intended to provide a understanding of the intent of zine making in feminist culture and how it might be utilized in art therapy. The researcher examined riot grrrl zines, Rookie Magazine, articles, studies, conducted interviews, and created an art response in order to find the underlying meaning of feminist zine culture. The desired outcome of this research was to understand the feminist zine culture and examine the potential efficacy for zine making as an art therapy directive, in hope of providing more information on identity formation and community building for adolescent girls to mental health professionals.