Successful Business Planning for Agricultural Handling Equipment

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Williams, Christopher
Master of Leadership Development
This research project is to identify a working, successful business plan layout. The method for identifying such a layout will be done through the exploration of numerous dissimilar approaches for business planning and develop a successful layout for businesses in the Agricultural (Ag) industry. By researching the top 5 most successful or well-known business plan formats, key components will be selected from each plan and used to develop a unique plan that will be used in part for the acquisition of Perry Equipment. This plan is going to be based off the requirements necessary to obtain Small Business Administration (SBA) financing for businesses within the Ag sector. The particular market I will be focusing on for financial and performance trend data will be that of Bulk Material Handling in the Ag industry. The findings from this research may be useful for creating a business plan for any market or business, but will provide a clear guideline for those seeking financial assistance for the SBA.