The Use of Creative Process in Theological Reflection

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Jarfas, Judith
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Recently, I have been privileged to be on staff at a retreat and reflection center in Ossining, New York, and have been involved in providing processes using art media as an adjunct to retreats and workshops held there. I have witnessed the powerful role human imagination can have in a person’s spiritual journey during a retreat, and realized, that through creative process, individuals can gain self-awareness, and often work out difficult resolutions to conflict. This experience has shown me how the creative process provides links between the inner and outer world, and how these links assist in personal growth. Because of this experience, my pastoral concern is that people have ways of tapping into these rich sources of God given creativity, and to use them as a means of enriching their spiritual lives. In light of this pastoral concern, my goal will be to provide a methodology where the creative process can be utilized as an adjunct to theological reflection