Our Place in the Universe Series

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Ulvestad, Anne
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
Our Place in the Universe Series has seven chapters which develop the themes of our Earth Literacy courses. Chapters One and Two, The Universe Story and Sense of Place reflect the Concepts of Earth Literacy (EL 501). We begin with the Universe Walk and end with belonging to a place and a community, and the accompanying responsibility of making a relationship with the natural world. Chapter Three, My Gifts/Offerings, looks more deeply into our own selves to find what gifts we have, and how they are reflected in the gifts of the Earth. This allows for the development of a healing oneness to occur. The course Healing Earth (EL 540) is the model for this presentation. After discovering our gifts we look at how we have and continue to change in Chapter Four, Evolution/Restoration. Using elements from Principles of Evolution and Change (EL 510), symbiosis and mutualism, diversity and interdependence are examined, as is the vast web of life to which we belong. Nature and Cultures (EL 520) is explored in Chapter Five, Environment/ Culture. Understanding the socio-cultural ideas of humankind, how they have expanded as well as narrowed in relation to the world around us, is the focus of this presentation. Chapter Six, Economics/Ethics, recognizes the needs of the Earth alongside of the needs of the human, and the resources both have to offer to each other. The basic principles of economics and ethics offered in Justice and the Earth (EL 530) are included. The concluding Chapter Seven, New Culture of Heart, takes on the more practical aspects of the Integrative Seminar (EL 545). Using real-life experiences and actual results, the chaos of life can be used to create a beautiful, harmonious oneness between who | am, what | do, and my place in the universe.