How Can Supervisors Impact Employee Engagement at Eli Lilly and Company?

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Byrdé, Stephanie
Master of Leadership Development
Employee engagement is something every organization wants but few actually possess at the level necessary to be a high achieving organization. An abundance of research has been conducted over the past half century on this topic which has led us to a simple truth—in order to engage your employees, give them meaningful work and then allow them to do it. If people are given the flexibility to use their talents, including their creative talents for solving complex problems, they are more likely to be successful and engaged in the workplace. Supervisors, particularly new supervisors, must learn this lesson sooner rather than later if they want to facilitate—and not impede—employee engagement. This paper includes a brief history on the science behind employee engagement, suggestions for ways to recognize and nurture engaged employees, and finally, a proposal for a Creative Problem Solving process to continue engaging employees in the future.