The Use of Photography and Collage for the Purpose of Achieving Role Transition and Role Balancing in Middle Adulthood

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Chu, Chun Fung
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
The Psychosocial Theory has divided the course of human development into stages according to age. The middle adulthood stage is characterized by numerous developmental tasks, and role transition and role balancing are among the challenges middle-aged adults, aged 34 to 60, face as many of them take on multiple roles in their daily life during this stage of life. In this research, an art-based heuristic approach was adopted with the researcher as the sole participant, using two different art mediums, photography and collage, as a means to explore and support my multiple roles in life and achieve the developmental tasks of role transition and role balancing. The results from this heuristic study would give direction to future research and intervention on supporting middle-aged adults in living a balanced life. Keywords: middle adulthood, role transition, role balancing, art therapy, photography, collage